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Global Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP) version 2 includes data from approximately one million individual seawater samples collected from almost 800 cruises carried during the years 1972-2013. Extensive quality control and subsequent calibration were carried out for salinity, oxygen, nutrient, carbon dioxide, total alkalinity, pH and chlorofluorocarbon data. Following calibration, the data were used to produce global climatology maps for many of the parameters. In addition to the data products and the mapped distributions, all of the original data files without alteration other than formatting and unification of units are made freely available along with whatever metadata was collected. An on-line cruise summary table provides data access and additional information including references to publications that have used data from specific cruises.

GLODAP is a core Global Ocean Observing System data product for biogeochemistry endorsed by the Global Ocean Observing System GOOS.

GLODAPv2 Global Map